Cops and Robbers Baby Blanket

Oftentimes my sister will ask me to make a baby quilt for her to gift a friend.  She’ll buy the fabric, and I consider it an opportune time to try out a new technique or design.  This particular baby blanket is the result of one of those projects.

This was for the daughter of a teacher and police officer.  You might have noticed that I called it a “blanket” and not a quilt.  The reason is that it does not have quilting in it.  I pieced the top together and used minky fabric on the back, so I didn’t “quilt” it together.

For this one, my sister wanted to do a cops-and-robbers theme to pay homage to the daddy police officer.  She found some adorable fabric online and had it sent to my house.  After getting the fabric in the mail, I went to JoAnn’s and bought several fat quarters with coordinating colors.  This also gave me an opportunity to use a new quilt book I’d bought – Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.  I chose several block designs and decided to make the quilt a little more whimsical as a result.

Baby quilt with modern blocks and a minky backing.

For the backing, she asked for the super soft fabric called minky – but with one catch. She asked if I could put a blue line across the back to keep with the police officer theme.  It was an easy enough request, and I liked the minky fabric for the backing because it was soft, and the little raised bumps gave it some texture.

A blue line on the back to honor the policeman daddy.

To finish it all I used a satin purple binding.

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