Purchasing and Ordering Info


Here is a list of links to my other sites as well as ordering information should you like what you see and want one of your very own.

  1. My other home is my Facebook business page.  Here you can find some of the same info as on the blog but also some more humorous posts.  It isn’t quite as formal as the blog.  To visit me over there please click here.
  2. My ready-made items are listed in my Etsy store.  You can take a look.  If you see something from one of my previous posts, though, feel free to message me, and we can talk.  To visit my Etsy store please click here.
  3. If you have questions about t-shirt quilts, I have a FAQ sheet, basic pricing, and an online Google form on the T-Shirt Quilts page.  Please click here to go to that page.
  4. If you have general questions or are having trouble understanding or navigating this page, you can message me below.