Dog Scarf Quilt

This commission was unique in that it was a memory quilt for a sweet little dog, Munson, who had passed away.  His owner was so sweet, and she loved him very dearly as was evidenced by her getting choked up just talking about him.  Apparently he had a scarf for every occasion: Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas, and many other colors and patterns in between.

After taking a look at them, I realized there were so many variations of fabric and size that my options were limited.  The best option to include them all was a crazy-quilt style design.  I sorted the scarfs by occasion and/or color and went from there.  The owner did give me one t-shirt that she wore, so I made it the centerpiece and worked around from there.

I like that she chose a light blue backing.  It reminded me of the sky, and I thought it fitting.  This was also one of the first times I’ve added a label onto the quilt.  Hopefully I can remember to do it more often.

So here it is – the dog scarf memory quilt.  I just love it, and it was wonderful to work with something new.


Pet Picture Pillows

My family has two cats and a dog.  Our orange cat, Jordan, has a personality for days!  He’s hysterical, talkative, and a first-class spooning partner.

Most Interesting Cat in the World
The Most Interesting Cat in the World

My brother was over helping me with a project one afternoon when Jordan plopped down right in the middle of our picture set up.  My brother smiled and muttered, “I love that cat”.  Then he snapped a quick picture that was included along with all of the other ones from that day.

Fast forward to around Christmas time – I’m looking for something funny to make for my husband.  It was right about then I came across the picture from that day that my brother took.  Then I had an idea.  The image was so clean and clear that I could use it as a base and draw all sorts of stuff on him.  From there, I made a series of pictures using Microsoft Paint.  No, it wasn’t supposed to look “professional”.  It was meant to look cheesy and goofy. Mission accomplished!

Jordan pillow

I had a blast making this, and I tee-heed the whole time!  Well a few years later, my husband hinted that another pillow of our girl cat, Eleanor, would be a good match.  The issue?  Well Eleanor is…well…a typical cat. Grumpy. Judgy. A curmudgeon. Doing the same image for her wouldn’t work.

But Eleanor is very good at TWO things: blocking your view and putting her butt in your face.  So I decided to go that route.

Can I even begin to explain to you how humiliating it is to chase your cat around a bathroom trying to get a good picture of her butt?  Can I also convey how awkward it is to send that picture to your ever-patient brother, asking him to isolate the cat image from the rest of the picture?  Well, for love and goofiness, I did both.  It isn’t the cleanest image by far, but it’s the best I could get all things considered.

Eleanor Butt

From there, I picked out four images of settings my husband (and most people) would recognize.  And I let Eleanor do what she does best – block your view.

Versailles, Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat, and Fort Sumter

We have had the dog, Diana, since September, so she hasn’t gotten a pillow made in her honor yet.  Stay tuned….

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