Starry Night Baby Quilt

This is another example of the Seattle Streets design.  I made this one for a couple of friends expecting their first son.  When I learned they were planning on a Starry Night nursery theme, I immediately remembered that JoAnn’s fabrics had a Starry Night fabric that would be perfect.  I had planned to completely surprise them.  However, at one point, exhausted after not finding what she wanted online, my friend texted me about prices for making something, and I had no choice but to confess that I already had something in the works.

I chose the Seattle Streets pattern once again because it’s a great pattern for featuring a lot of different colors.  I used the coordinating colors from the backing and made the top to match instead of the other way around.

Van Gogh baby – Starry Night

To keep with the swirls from the original painting design, I went back to my usual swirl pattern that I’ve used with this design before, using blue variegated thread. In the end, the backing stole the show despite the pretty front.

Starry Night quilt backing

This was a fun one to make, and I love the idea of a Starry Night themed nursery!

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Seattle Streets Wedding Quilt

This quilt is made from a pattern called Seattle Streets.  I found it online at the Caritas Quilts blog.  A friend’s daughter was married, and for the wedding reception, they had all these different green and neutral combinations. I have used the Seattle Streets pattern for other projects as well, and I used it to make a quilt for my son and a quilt for my friend’s baby.  I like it, and it’s a great pattern when you have a lot of fabric to showcase, especially fabric with little patterns.

The pattern itself does take time, but it isn’t nearly the amount of time that it looks like it takes.  The tutorial is excellent! The secret I learned the hard way, and you can see it in the featured picture, is to remember to “square up” your blocks as this pattern can curve easily.  I forgot to do this, and with anything bigger than a baby blanket it shows a LOT.

To quilt it, I decided that swirls would balance out all the blocks and such.

Swirl quilting design to balance to hard edges of the Seattle Streets pattern

I used it again on my friend’s baby quilt – using a pink line between the fabric instead of the black.

The first time I used this was for my son’s quilt.  I loved the fabrics I’d bought and wanted something that would look like stained glass.  This did the trick perfectly.

Jack's quilt

One day I’m going to make one of these bad boys using batiks!

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