About Me

Teacher by day, mom-wife-quilter by afternoon, evening, and night!

Honestly, my fascination with quilting began as a child when I loved LOVED jigsaw puzzles.  I would go through them in record time, and I was still doing them on up through high school where I would sometimes glue them together if I liked them a lot.  I made my first quilt, a crazy quilt, for my niece about 10 years ago.  After that, I was casually interested.  After all, these were basically puzzles I never had to put back in the box.

It wasn’t until after my father died that things took a turn.  My grandmother declared that I would be making memory quilts out of my father’s clothes for her, myself, and my two other sisters.  So not only did I need to learn how to make one, I had to make four!  I did it and could definitely see the appeal.  So in the end it was t-shirt quilts that really started my journey down the fabric aisle.

Now I make t-shirt/memory quilts regularly in addition to other styles.  I make some for specific commissions, but I make others to sell on Etsy or at local craft fairs.  I’ll admit it feels wonderful to have my work praised, and I love talking about quilts to others.

To check out my Etsy store, you can visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/QuestQuilts 

To check out my Facebook page, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/questquilts.

I started this blog as a more extensive way to discuss and gush over this art form and to invite others in to the conversation.  Welcome!

4 t-shirt quilts
The four original quilts I made for my family.  The learning curve was steep, and I’ve come a long way from these first specimens.

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