Dog beds

One thing you have a lot of when you do t-shirt quilts is SCRAPS! I’ve had bags overflowing with scraps by the end of Christmas and graduation season.

A while back I asked my friends for fabric donations to be used in making dog and cat beds. It needed to be non-cotton, durable fabric that wasn’t suitable for quilting. Boy oh boy did they deliver!

I use that fabric to make basic squares and rectangles, and then I stuff them with strips of fabric leftover from the t-shirt cuttings.

I donate them to the organization where I got both my cats and my dog: the Society of Humane Friends. Those precious people can be found every. single. Saturday at Petco, organizing pet adoptions. It was my way of helping the foster people cut down on the materials they were buying while they fostered those pets.

Thanks guys, you’re amazing!

Author: Quest Quilts

Just your average citizen who loves literature and quilts and has an uncommon proclivity for both.

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