Did you know that Tacocat spelled backwards is still Tacocat? My niece does, and she loves it. So much so that, when I asked her what kind of quilt she wanted, she asked for a tacocat quilt. My daughter had a tacocat shirt, so I based the concept off her shirt.

Once I drafted an image, I made the applique layers and created a truly unique creation. My niece’s favorite colors are blue and green, so I used them for the backing and border. Another color combo I probably would have used is purple and teal. Either way, I can’t wait to give it to her.

Author: Quest Quilts

Just your average citizen who loves literature and quilts and has an uncommon proclivity for both.

3 thoughts on “TACOCAT Quilt”

  1. Just beautiful!! As well, I am happy to say, it is finally cold enough to actually USE my king-sized, t-shirt quilt for keeping warm, as well as for the beautiful decoration item that it truly is, too. 😀 I am so happy I got it (finally) done w/ the help of Quest Quilts. Now, onto all of those other t-shirts……..

    PS: I had never heard of Tacocat until just now, lol!

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