Well, here goes nothing…

Hi everyone! After much thought and consideration (and investigation and trepidation), I’ve put in an application for grad school. My plan is to go back for the fall term.

Going back to school – not an easy choice.

The good news – I’ll still have my shop up and will be selling the ready-made items.

The bad news – all custom orders have to be completed by the end of summer.

So if you’ve been thinking of ordering a t-shirt quilt from me, know that once fall hits I won’t be taking custom orders for a long while.

So let me know and hit that Order Form up sooner rather than later.

Author: Quest Quilts

Just your average citizen who loves literature and quilts and has an uncommon proclivity for both.

5 thoughts on “Well, here goes nothing…”

  1. All the best for your new adventure! You’ve already been juggling quite a bit, so you will hopefully balance this additional ball easily.
    Do take out time to keep in touch with your readers.

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      1. I admire you quilters. You have such passion and creativity. My mother started stitching quilts in her sixties, though she had never been interested in any kind of stitching till then. Now she is in her 80s, and has made and gifted around seventy, almost all pinwheel quilts.
        I also admire the way you manage different roles. And now this! ❤️

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