Last Post! Online Market Quilt Showcase 12 – Doll Quilts

The Yellow Daisy Festival Online Market ends today, Sunday, Sept 13th at 9 pm. I’ve been making some posts about the quilts I have ready to go. Each day I’ve featured two or three quilts and tell about their process and what I like most about them. These and other quilts can be found in the Quest Quilts shop on this website or in my Etsy shop.

These are the newest quilts I’ve worked on. Making doll quilts wasn’t something I’d originally seen myself doing, but I bounced the idea off of some friends one afternoon. It was well received, and I had a secret commission immediately for a colonial-themed one.

A long time ago, I made a Jane Austen inspired quilt for a dear professor who was a huge part of the teacher I am today. I had a lot of leftover diamond cuts, and they were fairly period correct. And wouldn’t you know it, Austen was born in 1775! So I took my diamonds and built a small star design. I quickly fell in love and made several more. I’ve sold three total so far, and these three have been waiting around for a doll lover to purchase. They’re meant for 18″ dolls, but they’ll also work well for teddy bears and other such lovies.

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