Dinosaur Lap Quilt

This quilt came as a result of a find in the JoAnn’s remnant bin.  I’d picked it up and put it back several times, and I finally decided to just grab it.  I coordinated it using fabrics I already had on hand for the most part.  Several of the fabrics were left over from previous projects, and a couple were also remnant bin finds.  This is the game I play.  And I believe I won it this time.

It’s for sale on my Etsy Shop. –  It has a home now.

It’s really a simple pattern – quarter blocks alternating with framed blocks and 2″ sashing in between.  The only real issue I had was that the purple fabric I used for the sashing is no longer made.  It had been in my fabric stash since almost the beginning of my quilting obsession.  I knew nothing else was even close, so I had to think.  I finally made a pieced top and bottom sashing using the same fabric that framed the dinosaur print.  I think it worked out alright.


I quilted it using a variegated pink thread and used a purple flannel-backed satin for the backing.


Side note: I was in one of the Sunday school classrooms and saw where the same fun dinosaur fabric was used to make the curtains.  I commented on it, and a friend said her mother had recently made those curtains and others for all the classrooms.  I got tickled and told her I’d probably bought my remnant as a result from her mother’s purchase.  As it is, that dino fabric is very popular and is sold out in many of the stores.  I can see why; it’s such a fun print!


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