Online Market Quilt Showcase 1 – the Shabby Chic duo

The Yellow Daisy Festival Online Market begins on Tuesday, Sept 8th. In anticipation of this, I’m making some posts about the quilts I have ready to go. Each day I’ll feature two or three quilts and tell about their process and what I like most about them. These and other quilts can be found in the Quest Quilts shop on this website or in my Etsy shop.

These two quilts were made in anticipation for a Vintage Market Days show last spring. Most of my quilts have bright colors and maybe more whimsical designs, so I wanted a couple that would blend in better with that Southern Living style decor that most of the other vendors had.

**Update – the beige chevron lap quilt has sold. The one with the brown diamond pattern is still available.

These were both made from a layer cake I had as well as a burning passion to show that I could master the half-square triangle. I like the softer colors and the more traditional piecing. But I especially like the dark brown offset fabric in the second one They are both lap size, 4′ x 5′. They have tea-dyed muslin backing to give them that extra “homey” look. I played around with vine-style quilting on one and a leaf pattern quilting for the other.

When I made these, I was thinking about how they’d look draped across a couch or chair in a living room or across a rocking chair in a nursery. The soft pink, beige, and green colors would lend themselves well to a classy-looking nursery that wasn’t overly cartoonish. They would look fantastic as a wall-hanging as well.

But I’ve always gone for usefulness first and foremost. These are meant to be used and toted around. I could see them being draped on a pew during a service and tried to make them pretty enough to bring to church. They’re washable, and the close quilting ensures they’ll last for a good while.

I like the complimentary style of these as a possible set, too. They match, but they’re also individual. A set of twins might like them for that very reason.

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