Pet Picture Pillows

My family has two cats and a dog.  Our orange cat, Jordan, has a personality for days!  He’s hysterical, talkative, and a first-class spooning partner.

Most Interesting Cat in the World
The Most Interesting Cat in the World

My brother was over helping me with a project one afternoon when Jordan plopped down right in the middle of our picture set up.  My brother smiled and muttered, “I love that cat”.  Then he snapped a quick picture that was included along with all of the other ones from that day.

Fast forward to around Christmas time – I’m looking for something funny to make for my husband.  It was right about then I came across the picture from that day that my brother took.  Then I had an idea.  The image was so clean and clear that I could use it as a base and draw all sorts of stuff on him.  From there, I made a series of pictures using Microsoft Paint.  No, it wasn’t supposed to look “professional”.  It was meant to look cheesy and goofy. Mission accomplished!

Jordan pillow

I had a blast making this, and I tee-heed the whole time!  Well a few years later, my husband hinted that another pillow of our girl cat, Eleanor, would be a good match.  The issue?  Well Eleanor is…well…a typical cat. Grumpy. Judgy. A curmudgeon. Doing the same image for her wouldn’t work.

But Eleanor is very good at TWO things: blocking your view and putting her butt in your face.  So I decided to go that route.

Can I even begin to explain to you how humiliating it is to chase your cat around a bathroom trying to get a good picture of her butt?  Can I also convey how awkward it is to send that picture to your ever-patient brother, asking him to isolate the cat image from the rest of the picture?  Well, for love and goofiness, I did both.  It isn’t the cleanest image by far, but it’s the best I could get all things considered.

Eleanor Butt

From there, I picked out four images of settings my husband (and most people) would recognize.  And I let Eleanor do what she does best – block your view.

Versailles, Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat, and Fort Sumter

We have had the dog, Diana, since September, so she hasn’t gotten a pillow made in her honor yet.  Stay tuned….

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