Online Market Quilt Showcase 5 – twin size quilts

The Yellow Daisy Festival Online Market begins on Tuesday, Sept 8th. In celebration of this, I’m making some posts about the quilts I have ready to go. Each day I’ll feature two or three quilts and tell about their process and what I like most about them. These and other quilts can be found in the Quest Quilts shop on this website or in my Etsy shop.

I have two twin size quilts that are ready to go. One is a gorgeous pattern that features a rainbow-colored medallion with nature images inside. I couldn’t decide which color I wanted to bring out in the medallion, so I went for all of them. The color variations give this a neat, whimsical look. I imagine it on the bed or draped on the couch of a lady who loves to garden and spend her days outdoors. It could also be perfect for a little girl who is obsessed with rainbows and outdoors. I decided to finish this off with a leaf quilting pattern.

The train quilt was originally meant to be a lap quilt, but it was so long that I realized I could make it a twin size very easily. I really love the 3-D shadowbox effect and decided that the train panels needed to be shown off through that style. The back is blue flannel, so it’s especially warm for those cold nights. I like the train pictures on this one because they aren’t overly cartoonish. I feel like if this were purchased for a child, the child would like it for a good, long time. But I also feel like it would do well for an adult, too. It would make an awesome quilt for an easy char.

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